February 2001

Saturday 3rd February 2001

I spent some time talking over the chassis construction with my Dad. He made some very valid suggestions about how I could improve the strength of the chassis, while at the same time making it easier to alter should the need arise. The only down side was that I now needed to buy some more tubing and aluminium plate. Having also just seen the latest Robot Wars program where Tornado was thown several feet into the air a couple of times, it made me realise how strong the chassis needs to be if you are to survive against opponents like the "Wheely Big Cheese".  New and hopefuly stronger chassis design

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Saturday 9th February 2001

Collected the wheel axles from Settform where they had milled a long key way slot into each shaft as well as tidying up the ragged ends of the axles. Four axles with keyways milled into them for the hub and sproket units
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Monday 19th February 2001

Four plummer block bearings arrived from SKF today. I can now move forward with building the idler shaft assembly for the motors by chatting the design over with my friendly metal workshop.

 Four bearings generously donated by SKF Exploded idler shaft bearing
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Last updated 14th March 2001