June 2007

Friday 22nd June 2007

I was asked by the local village youth club (the Karrot Klub) to demonstrate the Hog to the kids. Luckily I had repaired the Hog after I had burnt out a few transistors during the Burgess Hill Robot Live exhibition, but had not really had the chance to test it fully before tonight.

All was going well while I was flipping a few objects about, as well as flipping and pushing the retired Hog 1 too. A couple of minutes later, however, the Hog stuttered and then came to a halt. As I approached there was that familiar burning smell of electronics, and it appeared the motor controller had gone up in smoke yet again. There was little more I could do on the night, but I am seriously now having to consider retiring Hog 2 because burning the motor controller is happening to frequently.

I am making some small but steady progress with Hog 3, so it will be a good opportunity to focus on building the new Hog rather than spending time repairing Hog 2 once again. Watch this space for more info on progress.

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