July 2007

Saturday 14th July 2007

Now that the wheel shafts were built, I decided to work on how I was going to mount the motors to the robot's base plate. Both the front and rear of the motor needed to be fixed somehow so that it could support the weight of the robot while also taking the rotational torque.

The front of the motor conveniently had some tapped holes in it that made making a mounting bracket nice and easy. I simple secured a short length of angle iron to the front using a couple of bolts, and the job was done.

Spindle end motor support

Supporting the back of the motors was not going to be so easy since there were no obvious mounting holes to use. After of bit of head scratching I decided to make a clamp type mechanism using some 10mm wide strips of metal and some studding.

Rear end motor support

Here are the two supports before being fixed to the base plate.

Both front and back motor supports

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