May 2001

Sunday 13th May 2001

Bill from my friendly engineering workshop dropped by and left two shafts he had been working on for me. These are the motor shaft extensions that support the drive sprocket to the final drive on the wheels. There are still a couple of spacers to make, but I can make some progress now with the transmission.

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Sunday 20th May 2001

I built part of the assembly that will support the wheel bearings. It took a bit longer than I had anticipated, and my welding could do with a bit more practice, but it should do the job. I have another three to make, which will then need holes cutting out for the wheel bearing and motors to be housed.

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Tuesday 23rd May 2001

Dropped by Settform to chat with Bill about a bit more work on the motor drive shafts. I wanted some collars made to suport the shaft bearings, and I also wanted some means of securing the drive shaft sleeves in place. I left the bits with him, happy that we had come to an agreeable solution, and would collect the bits in a week or two's time.

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