November 2004

Sunday 14th November 2004

Although my 12AH batteries were not very old and I have used a three stage charger throughout their life, they were not holding their charge for very long. I still had the slightly heavier 17AH batteries sitting in the cupboard in the garage so thought it might be time to swap them out so that I could last the full length of a battle. The problem wasn't filling them in the Hog because I still had the old brackets I had used previously. These batteries also had the added advantage of screw type terminals rather than the weaker spade types. The problem was trying to save some weight somewhere else to compensate for the larger batteries.

One solution was to swap the motor shaft support Plummer bearings for a lighter type.

Pressed steel bearing versus cast iron mounted bearing
On the left is a light pressed steel mounted bearing,
and on the right is a much heavier cast iron mounted bearing.

The ones currently in use had a heavy cast iron mounting, but I also had some pressed steel mounted types somewhere in the garage. If I swapped them over I would save quite a bit of weight but would have to change the support plates. Luckily this didn't prove too difficult because I simply used a short length of angle iron with a couple of holes drilled in to bolt the new bearings to the original mounting studs.

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