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Welcome to the Hassocks Hog Robot site

Welcome to the Hassocks Hog Website
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Hog 2 with the team Click on the robot for some videos of the Hog


The Hog's appearance in
Series 6, 7, and other events
Updated 26th Feb '05

Sponsors who have generously helped me.
Updated 4th Sep '05

Suppliers who I've bought bits and bobs from.
Updated 1st Jul '03

See the many members of the Hassocks Hog Team, and read about my First Design Ideas.
Updated 4th Jul 2003

The Hog's motor controller explained.
Updated 8th Feb '04

Version 5 of the Pneumatic flipper spreadsheet.
Updated 4th Jul '03

Watch some new Hog 2
video clips.
Updated 8th Dec '03

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See some Early Sketches.

Press articles
Updated 16th April '07

The Hog's technical spec. the new feather weight Hog built starts!
Updated 8th Aug '07

The Hassocks Hog 1 Diary.
The Hassocks Hog 2 Diary.
The Hassocks Hog 3 Diary. the new feather weight Hog built starts!
Updated 17thOct '08

Have a look at my Guestbook and leave a message if you want to.

Useful Links of information on the Internet.
Updated 27th June '04

Free download of the Hassocks Hog 1 and 2 cartoon for your Windows desktop.
Updated 6th Oct '02


Please feel free to email me on any subject at

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