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This is the Hog team that took part in Robot Wars series 6 in 2002, and which consits of my sons Robert on the left and Jonathan on the right. I'm the taller, older looking one without the red shoulder pads.

The older generation team members

At the begining of the project, there were many family members who could have joined the team. Here is a very early picture of some of those people.
You will notice that I come from a family with a history of tinkering in the garage. The photo on the left shows just one of my fathers early vehicles; a fully enclosed motor bike, which he built back in the early 60s! There is not enough space here to tell you more about his vehicles, but if you're interested in a bit of family history, e-mail me for more information. The people in the photo are (from left to right):

  1. Noel Poncelet (that's me, the little boy sitting on my dad's lap).
  2. Rene Poncelet, my dad who is now 82, but still spends some time in the garage. He has a wealth of engineering experience that I have drawn on over the months.
  3. Paul Poncelet, my eldest brother (unlikely to be a team member because he lives in France).
  4. Philip Poncelet, another brother.
  5. Maurice Poncelet, my last brother.

Needless to say we have all aged a bit since this photo was taken.

The new generation team members

These young lads in the wheelbarrow are the main reason why I embarked on building a robot. They are all my sons, and all Robot Wars fanatics. From left to right they are:

  1. Jonathan, aged 10.
  2. Robert, aged 8.
  3. Daniel, aged 6
Unusually smart dress for Jude and me

The final team member is my wife Jude, who also persuaded me to build the robot. Without her patience and support, the robot wouldn't be where it is today.
After a bit of digging I finally found this picture of Jude and myself. Admittedly we aren't usually dressed so smartly, but it is probably one of our better pictures.

Last updated 4th July 2003

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